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With deep compassion, I meet you in your pain and fear and negative emotions as we use the Sunshine Method to bring you rapidly into peace and light.

Private sessions are available for individuals, couples, and family members in Southern California. Also, sessions are available through audio Skype. Please email for appointment at

Private Sessions:

  • You briefly describe your known physical and/or emotional pain by filling out an information sheet provided.

  • I explain how I came to develop the Sunshine Method.

  • You further identify the extent of your pain and reveal some hidden pain by the self-evaluation form provided.

  • You identify known and reveal hidden mental and emotional traps using the Self-Worth Exercise.

  • I show you how to quickly release yourself from these mental and emotional traps.

  • As I lead you through a relaxation exercise, you experience what grace, love, peace, and light feel like. Your burdens are lifted, and your fear, pain, guilt, resentment, etc. are removed.

  • You can buy my CD and books to aid you to stay in peace and the light.

Public Group Sessions:

            In addition to what occurs in private sessions, people can share what they feel comfortable sharing and can ask questions.

            We do the Relaxation Exercise as a group, and each person takes home a worksheet to aid in continuing to apply the Sunshine Method.

            You can buy my CD and books to aid you to stay in peace and the light.

Fee required

Organizations may request public seminars.