Peace. Greater Inner Peace.

Greater Inner Peace is one of the keys to aid in healing, and applying pain and stress consultant Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method to more quickly and easily brings this.

Whether you feel like you’re stuck in a maze with walls that are constantly changing or you feel you’re stuck in traps and conflicts you cannot extricate yourself from, applying Judy Leighton’s Sunshine Method gives you the tools that may assist you to more quickly free yourself from toxic thoughts and emotions. This may result in more clarity to make many additional healthy and wise choices thus creating greater inner peace. This is extremely important if you are dealing with chronic stress, a chronic illness, or autoimmune disease to aid your immune system.
Many of you might be stuck in mental and emotional traps that may have kept you from feeling a high degree of self-worth. By applying Judy’s Sunshine Method, you may find it easier to free yourself and feel 100-percent valuable all the time.

From 1984-85, Judy was suffering from an autoimmune disease for months, and gradually became unable to walk, drive, or write her name. In 1985, after an answer to her prayer, Judy felt spiritually guided to develop and use her Sunshine Method through a relaxation exercise. She hoped it would remove fear and pain from her traumatic memories. This worked on her mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical fronts all at once that aided her to resolve many major interwoven conflicts. She also included a unique biofeedback technique. She repeated the messages of this method in her thoughts every two hours throughout the day, in a comfortable position sitting or lying down. She continued this even though, in the beginning, she was not in a relaxed state. Unexpectedly, her past fear and pain ended in 10 days! She continued her method, and 2 weeks later the debilitating physical pain disappeared-in remission.

From 1987-2017, David Baron, psychiatrist, was a consultant for her making it possible for her to be a guest consultant in medical treatments centers and privately for others with chronic stress, cancer, and other chronic diseases. Later he wrote the introduction for two of her books.

Dr. Baron was professor, Department of Psychiatry, and assistant dean, International Relations, Keck School of Medicine at USC in Los Angeles. In 2018, he did a Fulbright, and left USC to become Provost of Western University, Ca in 2019. Then he stepped down to become a tenured professor and run a Center, working with Stanford and a few countries. In 2023, he was made a research Professor at Claremont Graduate University, Ca in 2023.
Through applying Judy Leighton’s easy-to-use yet comprehensive approach, you may quickly exit the dark tunnels of your life into the sunshine of grace, compassion, love, peace and joy.

Judy’s deep compassion and her desire to end needless suffering in others have driven her to share the Sunshine Method in her books and CDs.

A wonderful result with Judy’s Sunshine Method is that it may really work for you, even when many other avenues may have been tried and turned out to be dead-ends.

Judy has authored three books – an invitation to experience the Sunshine Method. They contain some case studies and client letters.

She has also created two CDs—one for children/young people and one for adults.

Learn more about Judy Leighton by reading her Biography page. You can also see what other’s are saying about the Sunshine Method on this Testimonials page.
“The beauty of this approach to emotional pain relief
is its simplicity . . .”
— Dr. David A. Baron, former professor, Department of Psychiatry,
Keck School of Medicine, USC, Los Angeles

Disclaimer: This method is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment.