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Experience the Sunshine Method

         By Judy Leighton, Pain and Stress Consultant


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       ISBN: 978-1-52455-196-4
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      ISBN: 978-1-52455-195-7
282 Pages (June 2017)


Finding Treasures of the Heart

          By Judy Leighton, Pain and Stress Consultant


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247 pages (2002, 2013, December 2017)

How To Not Not Make Healthy Choices

          By Judy Leighton, Pain and Stress Consultant


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326 pages (2000, December 2017)

COMPANION CDs (audio download version of CDs). Currently not available

JOURNEY INTO LIGHT is an invitation into greater peace —
an invitation to enjoy grace, compassion, love, inner peace and joy.
In this book, Judy Leighton answers important questions people ask her:
“How can I quickly become free of unnecessary fear and pain?”
“How can I feel valuable all the time?”
“How can I make healthy and wise choices and stick with them?”
She writes the stories which begin in her challenging childhood
and describes her astounding healing as an adult 

from the fear and pain of her traumatic memories,
many of which persisted over three decades.
At 40, she gradually became unable to walk,
drive, write her name or play the piano.

Judy was facing a life-threatening autoimmune disease
with debilitating physical pain and no known cure. After an answer
to her prayer, she was guided to
develop a relaxation exercise and
a stress reduction method with the tools she used and found a pathway out
In 10 days, the fear and pain from her
traumatic memories unexpectedly disappeared.
She continued to do the method, and two weeks later all her
physical pain vanished. She was in remission.
gives the tools that may also aid you to gain more healthy control
over thoughts, feelings and behavior.
For over thirty years, Judy as consultant, has given the
the Sunshine Method to many adults and young people,
who were able to feel t
hey are 100-percent valuable,
resolve many issues, including many mental/emotional traps
and bring themselves to greater inner peace.
In this book, Judy recounts her story of fears and pains and challenges
and her unexpected healing.
She also tells how she has compassionately
walked with many on their journeys into light.
The book is an invitation to experience the Sunshine Method.
The appendix of each book includes worksheets (including instructions)
and messages to aid in addressing and resolving many issues.

WHISPERS IN THE WILDERNESS begins when Judy is 19 years old,
and is a spiritual autobiographical journey.

Following hints from above, Judy Leighton walks a path that is unveiled
as she steps through amazing doors to aid others who are suffering.
She includes the healing method she was guided to
develop after an answer to her prayer. She also writes about

her exciting adventures in the U.S.
and foreign countries.

A PATH TO LIGHT presents a powerful method Judy Leighton (pain and stress consultant)
developed after an answer to her prayer and used which unexpectedly freed herself.

This method may aid you to more easily recognize and remove many 
interwoven mental and emotional traps that may have entangled you and
interfered with making healthy choices and healing.
She gives the tools you can use that may assist you in letting go
and removing fear, pain, guilt or numbness more quickly 

 and have a healthy self-worth.
Judy includes the stories of many clients
who were also successful using her Sunshine Method.

Judy Leighton’s PEACE AND INNER HEALING CDs Currently Not Available
include a relaxation exercise to aid the healing process.