Downloadable Audio: Children Peace & Inner Healing

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Children Peace & Inner Healing

Music by Tom Regis & Leslie Summerfield (ASCAP)

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Audio CD Original Release Date: December 2000. Copyright
2000-2022. All Rights Reserved.

This audio download is identical to Pathlight International’s CD and is intended for use with books by Judy Leighton. You will find additional information on its use on the webpage for the CD.


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This product is downloaded in two parts and is composed of two CD-quality audio files (44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo) in Microsoft/IBM WAV format. The two audio files are Introduction (Part 1, Run time: 34:03 Minutes, File Size: 344 MB) and Relaxation Exercise (part 2, Run time: 35:31 Minutes, File Size: 358 MB). Both Windows Media Player and Apple’s Macintosh OS QuickTime Player support for WAV playback natively. With these two files, you can produce your own full-length audio with most CD burning software. You can also just play them direct from any computer, tablet, smart phone, etc. You can read further detailed instructions by clicking HERE.

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